Free Cloud Online Service “TeraCLOUD” in Japan is brilliant. 15GB is totally free!!

I’ve found brilliant cloud online service in Japan. The service name is “TeraCLOUD“. The storage capacity is 10GB + 5GB(using CODE), so total 15GB is totally free!!

Sometimes there is campaign such as add more storage capacity. You can check campaign right now!

Recommended points:

  • 15GB Free( You must use below code ‘G4RAU‘)
  • No filesize limitation
  • Support webDAV applications
  • Restore is available(Up to two weeks)
  • Oracle Solaris 11 ZFS

You can use 15GB totally free online storage. In addition, there is unique feature, which is snapshot. The function keep files up to two weeks.


  • Upload speed is slow

Only one point is demerit due to storage server location. The storage server is in Japan, so transfer speed from outside Japan could slow. If you upload large file such as over 100MB, you will feel too slow. For example, when I uploaded 4GB file from outside Japan, it took over one hour for uploading. However, I love “TeraCLOUD” because I can get bonus. The bonus is brilliant service for me. Thus my free storage capacity is over 100GB currently.

You can try “TeraCLOUD” right now! No risk!

Don’t forget using this code “G4RAU“, if you want 15GB storage.

If you forget to use code, you will have only 10GB storage.

If you want 20GB storage, you can wait to start campaign. However, I don’t know when it starts, so you check “TeraCLOUD” website periodically.

Thank you.

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